These are items made from my kits and bundles.
Keep up the good work ladies and send me
more pics!!!
Birthstone kits with a twist by Alice
Alice has made these kits "her
own" by altering the shapes and not
being afraid to mix things up. Thanks
for all the pics!!!
Crazy quilt bags by
Rebecca Scudder
Karen Zoback is a needle
artist extrordinare! She
sends me the BEST pics
of completed projects.
This is the first kit she
purchased from
Karen's next project was
this pastel quilt. She only
used nine blocks to keep it
I can't remember who did this
one...sorry! (I have Old Timer's
Disease- can't remember anything)
Anyway, she made it from my
ecru/white bundle for a 50th
wedding anniversary gift for her
My friend Edith down in sunny Fla
made this little quilt from my Shabby
Shic kit. She makes the teddy bears
Crazy Rebecca's    719-200-2193
Customer Pictures
Karen started the embroidery
process after complting the quilt top.
Next she added her
wonderful stitching and
sashed it off.
The completed quilt was
framed to hang on point.
Simply stunning!!!
Block Embellished  by Carloyn Zimmer  
Here's her story on it.....
Here is a picture of the
hot pink block that I embellished for a friend.  I
belong to a group of 12 ladies and when one is
facing severe health or family problem, then the
11 others each make a 6" block and one of us
will then make it up into a prayer quilt.  They are
really beautiful when finished.  They made one
for my DH while he was undergoing chemo for
lukeminia and when I get a chance I'll take a
picture of it and send it on to you so you can see
what I am talking about.

Carolyn Zimmer
Dances With Pit Bulls aka Crazy Rebeccas
Dances With Pit Bulls aka Crazy Rebeccas