When I wrote these tips I assumed
you were using the same fabric sizes
that come with my
Helpful Hints for CQ

Basic directions for piecing a crazy quilt- can be used from the smallest mini
quilt to  a king size bedspread

  • Arrange sewing center so you can sew and iron without getting up.
  • Cut several of the bigger pieces of fabric in half length wise or in thirds.
    You will work out from the center with these. . Keep some larger pieces
    for the corners.
  • Place a smallish piece in the middle of the foundation square right side up.
  • Lay next piece along edge of center piece right sides together. Sew,
    starting and ending where the bottom piece does.
  • Flip back and press. THIS IS IMPORTANT….Press well after every seam!
  • Trim ends even with sides of first piece to create straight lines to sew
    your next strip to. Use pieces you trim off for the centers of other squares.
  • Continue around block alternating lights and darks. You will use larger
    pieces for the corners.
  • Keep difficult fabrics like velvets and sweater knits towards the center as
    they are harder to deal with on the edges.
  • Feather stitch (or other fancy stitch) over seams if desired. I use my
    machine but do whatever is best for you. Keep buttons and beads at
    least ½” away from edges.
  • Trim all blocks to the same size using rotary cutter and ruler.
  • Make sure you keep your lights and darks flowing when you put your
    blocks    together. Use a design wall if possible or at least lay them out to
    see if you have  too many of the same colors bunched up together.
  • After sewing blocks together press seams open and don’t forget to do
    your fancy stitching on the seam lines.
  • Square up the quilt top. It’s a crazy quilt- You won’t mess it up if you
    have to trim the corners to get it squared.
  • Add borders of your choice at this point.
  • Piece back larger than top. Layer with batting if desired, baste and tie or
    quilt Traditional Crazy Quilts were tied without backing.
  • Add binding and enjoy your quilt. Go show it to everyone you know!!!

Choosing fabrics
  • I use mainly silks, satins, velvets, rayon, fancy cottons and lame's in my
    quilts, However I have been known to use stretchy materials like sweater
    knits, terry cloth, and others. You need to be careful with these and make
    sure they are used near the middle of the block to help stabilize them.
  • If you use fabrics from recycled garmets you will have less worry about
    bleeding. Test dark colors to see if they bleed with a drop of water and a
    white hanky. Of course I think thaat crazy quilts should be kept away
    from water if possible so Dry Cleaning is advised.
  • Keep a good color scheme in mind.  Use a color wheel to help you choose
    shades.I like dark colors but pastels and the ecru/white/cream thing are
    gorgeous. I am available to help you choose colors and fabrics for a small
    fee... email me for more information on this rebecca@crazyrebeccas.com
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